Evaluation - Information Quality

There are numerous web evaluation tools available. For example, Kathy Schrock has created or compiled many Evaluation Tools (including tools for different grade levels and content types). We'll be focusing on two evaluation tools: The IMC Web Evaluation Page and Alan November's REAL.

The IMC's "Evaluating a Webpage" sheet covers six aspects of source evaluation (listed below). To explore these six aspects, we will view this brief PowerPoint Presentation, , but first let's take a look at another web evaluation tool.
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Coverage
  • Appearance

Alan November's REAL is a four-step process web evaluation process.
  1. Read the URL
  2. Examine the Content (similar to the IMC's concept of accuracy)
  3. Ask about the Author and Owner (similar to the IMC's concept of authority)
  4. Look at the Links (kind of covered in the IMC's concept of currency and coverage, but more extensive)

Although Alan November lists authority as number three in his process, combining the IMC's evaluation techniques for authority with November's own regarding URL and authors helps searchers when Determining Authority.